The Best Target & The Best Chemical


RAS, an oncogene, exists in three forms: KRAS, NRAS, and HRAS, and RAS mutations are commonly observed in patients with more than 30% of various cancers. By type, KRAS mutation reaches 83%, NRAS 13%, HRAS 4%, and in particular, mutations of NRAS have been found a lot in hematological cancer and melanoma. Through various pathways such as RAF/MAPK, PI3K/AKT, and MEKK/JNK, it induces cell growth, proliferation and transformation. Pharos iBio is developing next-generation inhibitors with high safety and differential efficacy compared to NRAS global competitors.

Unmet Needs
  • About 10.3% of AML patients
    have N-RAS mutations

  • Needs to develop
    First-in-class N-RAS
    mutation inhibitor


The development of First-in-class targeted therapeutics against N-RAS mutants in AML

  • Better kinase selectivity profile and good animal efficacy
  • MOA of PHI-501 with inhibition of N-RAS Hub protein
  • Number of patients About 14,000 people
  • Market size KRW 570.4B (2025) Target Market
    • N-RAS mutation pa
    • Resistance to 1st generation therapeutics
    • Above 65 years old and combination therapy

Sources : DRG(Decision Resources Group), 2019