The Best Target & The Best Chemical


PHI-101-OC was derived from the analysis of indications expansion using Pharos iBio's big data & AI-based new drug development platform. It is being developed for patients with platinum-resistant/refractory ovarian cancer, and is currently used to evaluate safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetic properties. Phase 1 clinical trials are in progress in Korea.

Unmet Needs
  • Absence of targeted therapy for
    recurrent ovarian cancer
    48% of patients with recurrent
    ovarian cancer were platinum
    resistant or refractory

  • Except for PARP1 therapy for BRCA
    mutations (8-18%), no treatment
    for recurrent ovarian cancer


Platinum-resistant/refractory ovarian cancer

  • Drug repurposing by Chemiverse about PHI-101
  • First-in-Class CHK2 inhibitor
  • Better anti-tumor effect than Olaparib regardless of BRCA mutation
  • Superior in BRCA wild type patients derived primary cell
  • Up to 44% advanced DCR in Clinical Trial Phase I
  • Up to 68% reduced adverse effect than competing drug in Clinical Trial Phase I
  • Number of patients About 30,000 people
  • Market size KRW 5.3T (2023) Target Market
    • PARP1 Inhibitors Market in Ovarian Cancer

Sources : Decision Resources Group, 2020 Disease Landscape & Forecast of Ovarian Cancer